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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know when classes are?

A: We generally follow the Beaufort County School District calendar.  When they are on vacation, so are we. Click here for our monthly calendars which you can download and print.


Q:  I have an instrument already that belonged to a friend/family member.   Can I use it for classes?

A:  Instruments are sized and the instrument needs to be the right size for the player so that s/he can actually play it.  It is possible to injure yourself using an instrument that is the wrong size. Also, it must work properly and have the necessary accessories. It will be necessary for your teacher to see the instrument before it can be approved for use in the class. Please bring it to registration or your first class if you need to have us look at it. You might want to check out our approved vendors by clicking here.


Q:  I have a conflict and can't come to the class which is my level.  Can I come to the class which is one level more advanced?

A:   Academy policy is that a student may not be moved ahead a level because of schedule. It is possible to attend the class which is the level below you, and you will be given additional challenges and enrichment activities.  You may also have the opportunity to act as a mentor to someone in the class if you wish. These issues will be addressed on a case by case basis keeping the policy in mind.


Q:  Should I buy or rent an instrument?

A:  The answer to that question is up to the student's family, but here are some good guidelines.  If you are not big enough to use a "full-sized" instrument, which is the largest size for any of the instruments (except violas come in more than one adult size), then it may be best to rent.  If you have younger family members who might use the instrument when you outgrow it, then perhaps buying is a good idea. Either way, the most important thing is to get your instrument from a reliable vendor who will give you a good value. Many of the "instruments" available online are not instruments at all and don't work, and cannot be repaired or made to work. Please use one of the vendors recommended here. If you buy from someone else, but sure they will let you return the instrument if your teacher doesn't approve it for use in the program. It is unfair to other students in the class if the teacher's time is taken trying to make poor quality instruments work instead of teaching.


Q:  What if I can't use all the lessons in my 10-lesson package?

A:  There are at least 10 lesson weeks in each of the trimesters. That count is regular weeks when school is in session (BCSD) so that doesn't count things like school vacations when there won't be any classes. If you can't use them all, you won't be able to carry them over to the next trimester. The idea is to not miss classes so you don't get behind and get discouraged because you aren't making progress. Class is so much more fun when everyone is there!!!


As new questions arise, this page will be updated!





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