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Getting your Instrument

Students must have an instrument for class.  Renting is recommended for beginning students. Reliable rental and/or purchase vendors are recommended below.  Instruments must be functional and of usable quality.  There are many instruments for sale on the internet which are not functional and are a complete waste of money.  These will not be accepted in classes.  If instruments are purchased from vendors other than those recommended, be sure they can be returned if found to be unsatisfactory by your teacher.


Instruments are sized, just like shoes.  Students will be measured for their instrument either at registration, or when they attend their first class.  Rental instruments can be exchanged for the next appropriate size when necessary.  It is best to rent an instrument for young children as they will change instrument sizes several times before reaching the "full-sized" instrument which they will not outgrow. Instruments must be the correct size for the student in order for them to develop correct technique and prevent injury.


Orchestral Strings

The following vendors are recommended for rental or purchase:

Local:  BWL Violins, Savannah, GA  (912) 596 3897


Shar Music Products

Southwest Strings

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