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After moving to the area several years ago we engaged Dominique Geer to help our daughter Sarah continue with cello. The private school that she attended here did not have a music program so the commitment that Sarah had needed a committed instructor. We were driving into Savannah weekly to participate in Armstrong Youth Orchestra but Sarah needed extra help. AYO strongly recommended Ms. Geer and we signed up. Over the next three years Sarah became accomplished enough to be admitted to the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts. Ms. Geer also became a mentor for Sarah in other ways as well. Sarah admires Ms. Geer and enjoyed the social aspect of her weekly visits. Not all adults have this kind of rapport with teenagers. We feel blessed to have found Dominique.

Leigh B., Bluffton, SC

Our 6yr old son attends IB and started first grade this year in their immersion program.  During his first quarter parent teacher interview this fall his teacher noted that he has the ability to focus and concentrate in class more intensely than the majority of his peers.  There was also discussion about his ability to start and finish a task with minimal distraction all while seemingly enjoying the satisfaction of learning a new word, number or sentence in his new language.  The teacher then asked if our son happened to play a musical instrument.  When we told him that he had been taking violin lessons for about 7 months he told us that from his history as a teacher he has noted that a lot of the qualities he observed in our son such as focus, task completion and ease to learn a new language were commonly observed in students who had been involved in some type of musical program.  We were pleased to see that not only was our son enjoying learning the violin but that there was spill over effect into his classroom experience.  We thank Dominique for her fun loving approach to teaching, and her high level of patience!

Ashley G., Hilton Head Island, SC



Esto es solo una nota de agradecimiento solo para dejarle saber que tan contentos estamos mi hijo Leslie y toda la familia por todo su esfuerzo, paciencia, dedicación , graciosas  y divertidas enseñanzas, aunque esto es solo el principio de esta jornada, ha sido muy placentero ver esa luz en los ojos de Leslie llena de sueños y de gozo, la cual confirma que a través de la música el va construyendo un futuro. Para el no es solo una clase de violín, es una aventura nueva en la cual aprende disciplina y perseverancia , las cuales se transforman en hermosas melodías que nos llenan el corazón , lo cual me enorgullece y me hace saber que ha valido la pena .

                                              Atte. Yoseline M.  Hilton Head Island, SC

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